Auf der Suche nach Interviewgästen - The Haggis and Poutine Show

  • Bitte vergib mir, da ich auf Englisch weitermachen muss


    I'm sure some of you are familiar with Skyblue Radio. (

    I am Willy Canuck and I host The Haggis and Poutine Show every Sunday at 1400zulu.

    My format is music mainly, but I'm looking for some daring souls to join me for a 10 min interview (pre-record) which will air during the show.

    Interviews are conducted through Discord, Skype or other. Rather than a question/answer format, I prefer a friendly conversation (more fun, more natural).

    I'm open to anyone where one or more of the following applies:

    - pilots

    - experienced flight simmers

    - flightsim developers

    - new simmers

    - ATC Controllers (Vatsim or IVAO)

    - youtube/twitch content creators

    If you think you'd like to be part of the show, please drop me a line at I'll structure the conversation around your interests and if you would like to promote yourself, you'll have a chance to do that too!

    Unfortunately, I must conduct the interview in English but I would love to have some German guests on the show!!!

    In the meantime, best wishes to all. See you in the skies!


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