Captain7 Nuremberg: X-Plane 11 crashes while loading the scenery

  • It may happen that X-Plane 11 crashes during loading with an error message that describes the scenery folder EDDN Nuremberg 2 of Captain7 and 29Palms as the source of the problem. Here you can find out how to solve the problem.

    Overview of further details


    Initial Release
    Nov 30th -0001

    1 What could be the problem

    If you load a flight into X-Plane 11 and the flight simulator crashes with the error An error occurred while loading the scenery package: Captain7 - 29Palms - EDDN Nuremberg 2, this may have a simple reason.

    After consulting Marten from Stairport Sceneries it turned out that it could be due to the fact that a season is activated in the SAM plugin, but without the necessary SAM Seasons add-on is installed. You can solve this problem by simply deactivating the corresponding season in the SAM settings.

    2 Fixing the problem

    The before and after image when X-Plane crashes while loading a scenery Before and after: The settings of the SAM Plugin which may cause the crash ox X-Plane 11 while loading a scenery.
    1. Load a flight far away from the airport where the problem originates. For Nuremberg, for example, Frankfurt would be too close, since X-Plane tries to load the Nuremberg scenery here as well and then crashes. Bergen for example works perfectly here.
    2. Call the Menu Plugins > SAM > Colors & Seasons
    3. Checks whether a Season is activated (whether it has a blue background).
    4. If so, click on it to disable it. Now the scenery is going to be reloaded, which may take some time.
    5. Now all seasons should be grey and therefore disabled.

    Now the problem should be solved. After a restart of X-Plane 11 we could now start and enjoy the Nuremberg scenery without any problems.