Finally: The Aerosoft A330 Professional has landed!

In February 2015 a very early preview screenshot of the Aerosoft A330 Professional was shown for the first time. Now almost five years of development are behind us. It took a long time, often the release was postponed. Very often also to the chagrin of the community, where so many waited so longingly for the long-range aircraft. Today the Airbus A330 has been released. It costs 69.95€ (incl. TAX) and can be purchased as download here at Aerosoft. For owners of the Professional line of the Aerosoft A320 series, however, there is an upgrade offer for 48.27€. The Aerosoft A330 is only compatible to Prepar3D v4.5+.

Previews of the exterior model and cockpits of the Cowan simulation Bell 222, which is upcoming for X-Plane 11

More about the Aerosoft A330 Professional

The product description promises a very detailed model as well as high resolution textures. As far as systems are concerned, the add-on is intended to represent an Airbus A330 in the same way as a pilot experiences it in daily working life. So usually without major disturbances, for example due to failed systems....

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