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With comprehensive setting options, you can adapt your campaigns perfectly to your needs and place them optimally.

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We focus on a pricing structure that has both sides in mind: publishers and of course you as an advertising customer. Because a trusting partnership can only grow if both sides are satisfied.

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During each advertising campaign you have full control through extensive statistics and can control your ads live. So you can always take appropriate influence to achieve the perfect performance.

Advertise on Flusiboard → FlightSim AdWork - This is how it works

To offer our advertising contingent on our pages to interested advertisers, we founded FlightSim AdWork a few years ago.

This may sound a bit complicated at first, but in principle it is really simple: After the following three steps your advertisement is already online!


Create Advertiser Account

The first step is also the quickest way: Simply create an advertising customer account here.

Please note that new registrations must be checked and activated manually by us. However, you can also continue with an account that has not yet been activated.


Creating the Ads and Campaigns

Once you have created your advertiser account, you can log in immediately and start creating your first ads and defining campaigns for them. This works even if your newly created account is still waiting for activation.


Finish campaign

As soon as you have adapted everything to your wishes, ideas and budget, it is almost done. Now add budget to the campaign and it will be played out. You can add budget to a campaign either by direct booking or by booking packages in advance and thus benefit from extra credits.

Ads & Prices: Our three Top Sellers

Modern Ad

As an alternative to our traditional sidebar banner, we designed the Modern Ad some time ago. Besides an image, there is the possibility to add content to it.

  • With Image
  • Title as Text
  • Big Text Area
  • Per 1k Views: 0.99€ [5]
  • per Click: 0.21€ [5]

Learn more about our Modern Ad by clicking the button on

Sidebar Banner

Without any doubt, our Sidebar Banner still works best. It is not only the unbeatable classic in online advertising, but also an indispensable tool for us.

  • With Image
  • Title as Text
  • Big Text Area
  • Per 1k Views: 1.27€ [5]
  • per Click: 0.23€ [5]

Learn more about our Sidebar Banner by clicking on the button on

Text Ad

Our Text Ad is also very popular and gladly booked. It gets by without a picture and relies entirely on the power of words. Therefore it is well suited for an attractive integration into the content.

  • With Image
  • Title as Text
  • Big Text Area
  • Per 1k Views: 1.18€ [5]
  • per Click: 0.17€ [5]

Learn more about our text ad by clicking the button on

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Detailed statistics, which go beyond the pure, cumulated access figures, are available in our community statistics.

[5] Prices may change from time to time. The valid price is always the one that is displayed in the advertiser account on immediately after creating a campaign.