EIKN Knock Airport 1.0.0

Hi all, this is my Ireland West Knock airport for X-Plane 11. I put a huge amount of my time into this scenery to make it as close as possible to real so I hope you will enjoy it.

If you like my work, any donations no matter how small, via paypal.me/xpirishscenery would be greatly appreciated. :)

- Custom made realistic tower, terminal, hangars, fire-station, car rental buildings, signs, advertising boards etc.

- Custom night textures and lighting

- 100's if not 1000's of hand-placed ground polygons for roads, walkways, aprons, markings, parking spaces, lettering etc.

- 100's of hand-placed vehicles

- Open Connaught Aeroclub hangar with starting spot

- Hand-placed streetlights, boundary fences, gates, fuel tanks etc.

- Custom fire-truck

- Custom business park buildings + hand-placed polygons

- Hand-placed grass, bushes, trees

- And a lot more!

This airport is intended for use with ortho4xp scenery and overlays, but it should work without as I have placed a huge amount of polygons around the airport. If you would like to get the same orthoscenery I used BI level 17.


Extract the zip file and place the folder "EIKN Ciano35" into you x-plane 11/Custom Scenery folder.

- The following libraries also need to be installed:

  • OpenSceneryX for some vehicles and misc. objects
  • RA_library for the grass
  • Handyobjects for walls
  • MisterX_Library for a few polygons


  • Version 1.0.0