Bell 206-19 - Helicopter Beta

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    Bell 206-19 Beta 4.15 Changes: 19:00 05/07/2019 GMT

    • Fix for FPS drop when lifting off


    Bell 206-19 Beta 4.1 Changes: 08:21 21/06/2019

    • New exterior body 3D model (requires new liveries).
    • New Interior cabin 3D model.
    • Background chatter moved to the radio @ 136.000 MHz (on by default).
    • 4K or 2K body textures option.
    • Fixed skid bouncing / rocking.
    • Fixed ground roll sound.
    • Removed FMOD 3D sound panning from inside of cockpit.
    • Animated all door handles.
    • Offset pitot tube.
    • Rotor brake fixed, now holds rotors locked(under X-Plane 11.35).
    • Updated some liveries to this version.
    • Liveries separated from main download due to file size limit.
    • General graphical updates.
    • Updated paint kit. (Photoshop file (will also open with Gimp)).

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