Featured Bell 206-19 - Helicopter Beta 4.15

Fully animated / functional / VR ready to fly rotorcraft based on Bell 206 airframe


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*** There has been a change to the throttle control axis. For your throttle to work you must assign your throttle axis mapping to "Wing Sweep". You can create a profile for the 206 so it will not effect any other aircraft. This will allow the governor to work fully automatically and not switched as before. You may have to also choose the reversed option.

*** We have added "force trim" and associated commands, again for this to function you must first load the 206, then go to joystick / button settings and assign as needed.

*** If a switch does not function in the cockpit, then make sure you have the Battery and or Avionics switches on.

*** Check the weight balance and fuel prior to flight - Ideal weight is full tanks plus 340lbs payload.



  • Fully animated / functional / VR ready to fly rotorcraft based on Bell 206 airframe.
  • Freeware for the X-Plane community.


X-Plane 11.30+

For the AviTab version you will need - FlyWithLua NG 2.7.6 Nov 1 2018 - or later.


  1. Download
  2. Extract the zip archive and copy to your X-Plane aircraft folder

** If you have the preview version or Beta 1 / 2 / 3 you should delete / remove from X-Planes aircraft folder.

* DO NOT mix beta / preview folders.


  • VR flight ready
  • Full FMOD sound system
  • Particle effects
  • Integrated audio chatter (trial for beta 3)
  • Cockpit vibrations.
  • Plus, other cool X-Plane features

Limitations: What’s not finished?

  • Idle release will not be implemented
  • Governor adjust INC/DEC will not be implemented
  • Graphical corrections – general
  • Body needs more work

Enjoy your flight.

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  • Version 4.15

    Bell 206-19 Beta 4.15 Changes: 19:00 05/07/2019 GMT

    • Fix for FPS drop when lifting off


    Bell 206-19 Beta 4.1 Changes: 08:21 21/06/2019

    • New exterior body 3D model (requires new liveries).
    • New Interior cabin 3D model.
    • Background chatter moved to the radio @ 136.000 MHz (on by default).
    • 4K or 2K body textures option.
    • Fixed skid bouncing / rocking.
    • Fixed ground roll sound.
    • Removed FMOD 3D sound panning from inside of cockpit.
    • Animated all door handles.
    • Offset pitot tube.
    • Rotor brake fixed, now holds rotors locked(under X-Plane 11.35).
    • Updated some liveries to this version.
    • Liveries separated from main download due to file size limit.
    • General graphical updates.
    • Updated paint kit. (Photoshop file (will also open with Gimp)).
  • Version 3.50