X-Plane 11 AviTab: Freeware EFB-Tablet (X-Plane 11)

  • The AviTab is a VR compatible Tablet with a PDF viewer, Moving Maps and more.

    Overview of further details


    Initial Release
    May 20th 2018
    Folke Will
    X-Plane 11.50
    X-Plane 11
    Where to get

    The AviTab is a freeware tool for X-Plane 11 that was released on May 20, 2018. Since then it has been downloaded more than 230,000 times (as of end of April 2020). The AviTab is a kind of EFB (Electronic Flight Bag), which allows to display maps, flight plan, a moving map, airfield data including weather and much more directly in the flight simulator.

    Thus, the AviTab is particularly well suited for flying in VR, since it is very awkward or even impossible with a VR headset to look at information from external media outside the flight simulator during the flight.

    In addition, the AviTab is characterized by the fact that there are already many direct integrations into the cockpit model of various standard airplanes as well as add-on airplanes for X-Plane 11, so that there is no need to show the tablet via the menu. Even today, more and more integrations are appearing and can be downloaded for the respective aircraft.

    1 Installation of the AviTab

    1. Download AviTab here at X-Plane.org
    2. Unzip the zip file and move the directory AviTab to X-Plane 11 root directory → resources → plugins

    2 Installation of the AviTab Integration

    Important: Always create a backup before overwriting files. We are not liable for any damage.

    1. Download the respective Integration
    2. Copy the contents of the downloaded zip file into the directory of the respective aircraft
    3. Overwrite files if necessary

    3 Available Integrations

    Integrations already delivered as standard are marked with *. List still incomplete, will be completed.

    3.1 X-Plane 11 Standardflugzeuge

    3.2 Add-On Flugzeuge

    3.2.1 Aerobask

    3.2.2 Airfoillabs

    3.2.3 Dreamfoil

    3.2.4 FlyJSim

    • Boeing 727*
    • Boeing 737-200*

    3.2.5 IXEG

    3.2.6 LES: Leading Edge Simulations

    3.2.7 ToLiss

    • Airbus A319 (geplant)
    • Airbus A321 (geplant)

    3.3 Torquesim

    • Bn-2 Islander*

    3.3.1 vSkyLabs

    • EuroFOX*
    • Guimbal Cabri G2*
    • Tecnam P2006T*
    • Contraventus v2.0*
    • Test-Pilot: ICON-A5*
    • Test-Pilot: Aeros-2 Ultralight Trike Project*
    • Flight Design CTLS Project*
    • Phoenix Air U15 S-LSA Project*
    • Cicare-8 Project*


    • ERJ-135*
    • ERJ-140*
    • ERJ-145*
    • ERJ-145XR*
    • Legacy 650*