X-Plane 11 Flight Plans in X-Plane 11: Import and load

  • In this article we describe how to import flight plans into X-Plane 11 and then import them into GPS 530, for example.

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    Nov 30th -0001

    1 Import a flight plan into X-Plane 11

    That's easy as can be. It is important that you have created a flight plan in .fms format beforehand. This can be done for example with onlineflightplanner.org. But also extensive tools like simBrief allow an export in .fms format. As soon as you have downloaded the .fms file, you have to move it to the directory X-Plane 11 → Output → FMS plans. Tip: To make the list as clear as possible, it is worth renaming the file as follows: ICAO-ICAO.fms. For example: EDDF-EDDM.fms.

    2 Load flight plan in XP11

    Now we have imported the flight plan into X-Plane 11. It should be available in the simulator immediately, a restart of the program is not necessary. So let's go to the import.

    2.1 GPS 530

    Here the import is very easy. In addition, most add-on aircraft also rely on the X-Plane 530 GPS. Therefore, this description should work for quite a lot of planes. To import the flight plan you first have to click on the button FPL for Flight Plan.

    Now you get to the list of all waypoints which the currently loaded flight plan (still) has. If no flight plan is loaded, the ICAO code of the starting airport can be entered here. Now you just have to turn the outermost wheel (arrow with small bow).

    Now you get a list of all flight plans that are currently in the FMS Plans directory. Just select the corresponding flightplan and confirm with the button ENT for Enter. To choose between the different flightplans you have to use the right hand dial as well. Important: If none of the flightplans is highlighted in green, simply press the outer dial to PUSH CRSR for Push Cursor.