Flight Plans in X-Plane 11: Import and load

  • In this article we describe how to import flight plans into X-Plane 11 and then import them into GPS 530, for example.

    1 Import a flight plan into X-Plane 11

    That's easy as can be. It is important that you have created a flight plan in .fms format beforehand. This can be done for example with onlineflightplanner.org. But also extensive tools like simBrief allow an export in .fms format. As soon as you have downloaded the .fms file, you have to move it to the directory X-Plane 11 → Output → FMS plans. Tip: To make the list as clear as possible, it is worth renaming the file as follows: ICAO-ICAO.fms. For example: EDDF-EDDM.fms.