Flight Factor A320 Ultimate: How to Update

  • This entry should shed light on how to install the latest update of the Flight Factor A320 Ultimate.

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    Initial Release
    Nov 30th -0001

    An update of the Flight Factor A320 Ultimate runs via the X-Updater Client, which is conveniently included. It can be found in the main directory of the aircraft, in X-Plane Main directory⯈Aircraft⯈FlightFactor A320 ultimate.

    1 Flight Factor A320 Ultimate Update with X-Updater

    X-Updater for the Flight Factor A320 Ultimate The update of the Flight Factor A320 Ultimate is very easy with the X-Updater. To run it, Java must be installed on your PC. This is available free of charge on Java.com. After Java has been installed, the X-Updater client can also be used. Now simply double click on it and work through it step by step.

    1.1 Entering the license data

    The first step is to enter the license data. This consists of the email address of the customer account used to purchase the license for the aircraft from the X-Plane.org Store and the serial number provided after purchase.

    1.2 Product Information

    Step two gives information about the latest version. If you check the Fresh box, you will get a completely fresh installation of the Flight Factor A320 Ultimate. The Beta field is for users who have access to beta versions. For a pure update to a new version you don't have to check either of them.

    1.3 Verification

    In the third step under Verification the verification process of the files takes place. It determines which files have to be replaced, added or perhaps even removed by the software to keep the aircraft up to date. After the bar has gone through, you get the result.

    1.4 Installation

    Now we're in the final step where the installation of the update happens.

    1.5 Final message

    The installation of the latest version is completed with the final message. With a click on Finish the client closes and the latest version of the flight factor A320 Ultimate is ready to fly.

    We wish you a good flight at all times.