Contents of every language

  • Flusiboard supports content in German and English. To avoid confusion, however, only content in the language stored in your profile is displayed by default. You can find out how to display content in several languages at the same time in this lexicon article.

    Overview of further details


    Initial Release
    Nov 30th -0001

    In order for you to be able to view the content of several languages simultaneously in the future, only a small adjustment in your general account settings is actually necessary.

    Under Language you will find the possibility to set the language in which Flusiboard should be displayed. Exactly below you will find the item Content Languages. Simply check the box for each language whose content you want to be displayed.

    Here is an example

    Einstellung German Contents
    English Contents
    ☑️ German ? English Will be displayed
    Will be hidden
    ? German ☑️ English Will be hidden
    Will be displayed
    ☑️ German ☑️ English Will be displayed
    Will be displayed

    Nun einfach speichern, fertig.