Custom splash screen in X-Plane 11

  • In this tutorial, we will explain how to replace the default splash screen of X-Plane 11 with a custom screenshot of your choice.

    Overview of further details


    Initial Release
    Nov 30th -0001

    1 Find the default background

    The default background is stored in the subdirectory X-Plane 11 \ Resources \ bitmaps \ interface11. Browse this directory and search for the file image_background_screenshot_for_stack.png. Rename this file to image_background_screenshot_for_stack.OLD. If the file extensions are not visible due to local settings, it is also sufficient to simply add _old to the file name while renaming.

    2 Insert your own background

    Next, simply put your own image or screenshot to this subdirectory and rename it to image_background_screenshot_for_stack.png.

    With the next start of X-Plane 11 you should see your own image.