Vulkan & Metal: X-Plane 11 Add-On Compatibility List

  • With the beta of X-Plane 11.50 there is for the first time the possibility to render the flight simulator by volcano & metal. This promises significant performance improvements. However, add-ons must first be compatible. Here you will find an overview.

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    Initial Release
    Nov 30th -0001
    Image of the X-Plane 11.50 Vulkan Compatibility List in the Flusiboard Lexicon The X-Plane 11.50 Vulkan Compatibility List in the Flusiboard Lexicon

    On April 2, 2020 the beta version of the long-awaited X-Plane 11.50. was finally released, and with it the first version of the flight simulator that allows rendering by volcano & metal. But before you can really enjoy it, all add-ons have to become compatible. Here in this lexicon entry we would like to create a list of all add-ons that are compatible with Vulkan & Metal.

    Important note: As X-Plane 11.50 is still a beta version, all compatibilities listed here should be treated with caution. Because in a beta, what works today may already be incompatible tomorrow. For this reason, this list is to be regarded as preliminary until the final version is released.


    1 Aircraft

    1.1 Flight Factor

    • We have sent a request to Flight Factor regarding the Vulkan-compatibility of their Aircraft, as soon as a reply comes we will communicate it here accordingly.

    1.2 IXEG

    • According to this post at the X-Aviation Forums, the developers have had access to a test build of X-Plane 11.50 with Vulkan for some time now and are currently working on delivering an appropriate update that makes the IXEG 737 Take Command compatible as soon as possible.

    1.3 Khamsin Studio

    • North American T-6G Texan: Compatible

    1.4 Thranda Design

    • Quest Kodiak: Compatible

    1.5 ToLiss

    In response to our inquiry regarding the Vulkan compatibility of their A319 and A321 aircraft, ToLiss wrote us the following:

    Quote from ToLiss

    You can read, can't you? We have published our status both on our Facebook page and on the forum.

    First of all, two brief remarks on the way ToLiss communicates here. It is very regrettable that a professional company, which at least charges professional prices, communicates so presumptuously and rudely. Every company should always have two minutes time for an inquiry from customers or the press.

    So after doing our job better than ToLiss did their, we found out the following:

    In this thread on the forums, the developers write that:

    • You generally do not support beta versions of X-Plane.
    • At the moment, you have to expect that there is no sound in their planes when you use them under Vulcan. But this is to be fixed in V1.0.3 of the A321 and V1.4 of the A319.

    1.6 VFlyteAir

    • DHC-3 Turbo Otter: Compatible

    1.7 VSkyLabs

    • Flight Design CTLS Project: Compatible
    • Robinson R66 Turbine: Compatible

    1.8 X-Crafts

    • ERJ 145 Family
      • Update, 1st May 2020: With the now released V1.3 the aircraft are compatible to XP 11.50 and Vulkan.
      • The developer is working on an update for this add-on, which he will hopefully release in cw #15 2020. This should make the aircraft compatible with Vulkan and bring many new improvements.
    • E-Jets Family
      • According to the developer, the E-Jets will take a little longer than the ERJ aircraft, but not that much longer either.
        Basically the add ons will all work just fine, but with Vulkan X-Plane can handle texture compression if they are in the dds format. The developer says that they have been using the png format until now so they just need to convert them and then it can improve performance for some people, mainly those with lower end systems.


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  • Mr Jar hat auch die 320 upgedated, 3.5b2

    Ich warte nur auf die XP 11.50b3 um testen zu können, die XP 11.50b2 crasht bei mir immer nach ein paar Minuten mit dem bekannten nullptr Fehler

  • FlyWithLua funktioniert grundsätzlich, allerdings führen viele Scripte die ART Controls Datarefs ansprechen zu einer Beendingung, weil diese Datarefs nicht mehr existieren.

    Ausserdem rät Laminar selber dazu auf ART Control LUA Files zu verzichten wenn man ernsthaft testen will.

  • xVision sollte man ergänzen: Mit eingeschränkter Funktionalität: keine Shadermanipulation

  • JAR hat die meisten Produkte (ausser A320) mit Beta Updates für die Beta aktualisiert, die sind im JAR Support Forum zum Download abgelegt.

    GroundHandling, hoffen wir mal, dass da noch ein Update kommt. Die ganzen Produkte von Marginal haben ja schon ewig kein Update mehr gesehen.

    ActiveSky XP scheint nach meinen ersten Versuchen zu klappen, die meisten vergessen im Programm auch den Pfad auf die Beta umzulenken.

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    • Hi! Danke für die Erzänzung! :) Ich werde mir das anschauen und entsprechend einarbeiten! :)

    • JAR GHD, FMCAR, Xlife funktionieren bei mir mit dem Update aus dem Forum, die A330 habe ich leider nicht zum Testen

  • Hi, The Hotstart TBM-900 has been compatible with the Vulkan Beta since day 1 of the beta :)

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  • Ebenfalls kompatibel:

    • SkyMaxx Pro (neue version 4.9.0)
    • FlyWithLua
    • FlyAgi Tweak Utility (neue Version 1.12c)
    • MarineTrafficX
    • xVisibility haze control

    GroundTraffic scheint zwar nicht zu funktionieren verursacht aber auch keine Probleme, am Boden ist halt nichts los bis das behoben ist.

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