Prepar3D v5: Compatibility List

  • Prepar3D v5 will be released on April 14, 2020 and in this compatibility list we want to give an overview of how add-ons are compatible with P3D v5.

    Overview of further details


    Initial Release
    Nov 30th -0001

    The release of Prepar3D v5 is imminent: On Wednesday it was announced that the new main version of the flight simulator will be released on April 14, 2020.

    Now the first add-on developers have already responded and commented on their plans for compatibility with P3D v5. Therefore we would like to start collecting all this information for you in this compatibility list.


    1 Aircraft

    1.1 Aerosoft

    Mathjis Kok wrote in their Forums that they are testing their aircraft in P3DV5. The Update will be free of charge.

    • Airbus A320 Family: Tests ongoing
    • Airbus A330: Tests ongoing
    • Bombardier CRJ: Tests ongoing
    • Mitchel Wing U2: compatible

    1.2 Carenado

    In this post on their Facebook page, Carenado informs that all their products should be compatible to Prepar3D v5.

    1.3 JustFlight

    • Robin DR400 : compatible
    • Cessna C152: compatible
    • Piper PA-38 Tomahawk: compatible
    • Piper PA-28-161 Warrior II: compatible
    • Piper PA-28-181 Archer III: compatible
    • Piper PA-28R Arrow III: compatible
    • Piper PA-28R Turbo Arrow III/IV: compatible
    • Socata TB-10 Tobago and TB-20 Trinidad: compatible
    • Duchess Model 76: compatible

    1.4 Military Visualizations (Milviz)

    Already on Wednesday Milviz wrote on their Facebook page that they are currently testing their products in P3D v5.

    • Advanced series products: Non-functional
    • WX bundled products: Non-functional
    • All other products: Tests ongoing

    2 Scenery

    2.1 Gaya Simulations

    Also already on Wednesday Gaya Simulations commented on the new flight simulator. According to this all updates for her products will be available for free. These should also be available soon.

    2.2 MK-Studios

    AviationLads shows us some impressions of the upcoming P3DV5 with three MK-Studios Scenery which are currently in development for the new Lockheed Flight Simulator. These are Keflavik, Palma de Mallorca and Tenerife.

    • Palma De Mallorca: compatible
    • Keflavík Airport: compatible

    2.3 Aerosoft

    Mathjis Kok wrote in their Forums that they are testing their Scenery in P3DV5.

    • Scenery: Tests ongoing
    • Cologne/Bonn professional : compatible
    • Milano Malpensa professional: compatible
    • Sion Airport professional: compatible

    2.4 29 Palms & Captain7

    • Skiathos V1.5: compatible
    • Samos: compatible
    • Twentynine Palms: compatible
    • Magdeburg / Cochsted: compatible
    • Nuremberg Airport: compatible

    2.5 Sim-Wings

    • La Gomera professional: compatible
    • Gran Canaria professional: compatible
    • Tenerife Sur professional: compatible
    • El Hierro professional: compatible
    • La Palma professional: compatible
    • Mega Airport London Heathrow professional: compatible
    • Mega Airport Madrid professional: compatible
    • Mega Airport Barcelona professional: compatible
    • Menorca professional: compatible
    • Ibiza professional: compatible
    • Mallorca professional: compatible
    • Balearic Islands professional: compatible
    • Malaga professional: compatible
    • Fairbanks professional: compatible
    • Gibraltar professional: compatible
    • Anchorage professional: compatible

    2.6 FlyTampa

    On Wendesday FlyTampa published a compatibility list in their fourms for P3D V5.

    • Copenhagen 2.0: compatible
    • Las Vegas: compatible
    • Boston-Rebooted: compatible
    • Sydney: compatible
    • Toronto: compatible
    • Kai Tak: compatible
    • St Maarten: compatible
    • Vienna: compatible

    2.7 Flight Sim Development Group

    • Ayers Rock: compatible
    • Beziers: compatible
    • Cape Town: compatible
    • Casablanca: compatible
    • Reunion: compatible
    • Mauritius: compatible
    • Rhodes: compatible
    • King Shaka Airport Durban: compatible
    • St. Vincent: compatible
    • St. Lucia: compatible
    • Mayotte Pamandzi: compatible
    • Graz: compatible
    • Kastellorizo: compatible
    • Djerba: compatible
    • Sharm El-Sheikh: compatible
    • Seychellen: compatible
    • Dakar LITE: compatible
    • Enfidha LITE: compatible
    • La Romana LITE: compatible
    • Bodrum LITE: compatible
    • Bangalore LITE: compatible
    • Pilots of the Caribbean - The Adventures: compatible
    • FSDG Scenery Configurator: compatible
    • FSDG SODElink: compatible

    2.8 Drzewiecki Design

    • Seattle Airports X: compatible
    • Seattle City X: compatible
    • New York City X (v2): compatible
    • Moscow Sheremetyevo X V2: compatible
    • Chicago Airports X: compatible
    • Chicago City X: compatible
    • Kraków X V3: compatible

    3 Tools

    3.1 SODE - SimObjectDisplayEngine

    SODE V1.6.8: compatible

    3.2 HiFi Simulation - Active Sky

    On Thursday HiFi wrote in their Forums that they want to provide an update on Active Sky. With the new optional cloud visualization system trueSky they need further development time. A public beta will be available soon.


    FSUIPC 6: compatible

    3.4 REX - Simulations

    REX Simulation published on their website a statement to their product compatibility on P3D V5. They are working hard to implement the current REX 5 products in P3D with DX12. The Update will be free of charge. in development

    3.5 Aerosoft

    SIMstarter NG P3D: compatible

    3.6 Pilot's

    FS Global Real Weather - P3D V5 Edition: compatible


    4 Other

    4.1 Flight 1 Software

    GNS 430/530 V2.08: compatible

    GTN 650/750 V2.16: compatible

    4.2 FS2Cew:

    RAAS Professional: compatible