Dash 8-300 and below: Skyline Simulations learns to fly!

The fact that after a certain period of time you can completely reinvent yourself as a development team may soon teach us Skyline Simulations. Today they announced the development of their first aircraft add-on here on their own Facebook page. This is a small series of the Canadian regional aircraft Dash 8-300, Dash 8-200 and Dash 8-100. For which platforms the add-on will be released has not yet been revealed. Also many other details are still open. However, there are a lot of early renderings from the 3d cockpit. So it should be worthwhile to stay on this page.

De Havilland Canada again instead of Bombardier

Some time ago the Canadian transport group Bombardier sold its regional aircraft division. After the newly developed C-Series went to Airbus and has since been marketed under the brand name Airbus A220. For the popular Dash-8 Q400 turboprop aircraft, De Havilland Aircraft of Canada Limited was founded as a new aircraft manufacturer under its old name. This company was able to land its first order in October. In addition to the construction of the large aircraft to which the new DHC is limited, the company is also responsible for servicing all older Dash-8 models and aircraft.

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