Previews of the exterior model and cockpits of the Cowan simulation Bell 222, which is upcoming for X-Plane 11

Cowan Sim Bell 222 for X-Plane 11 in progress!

Helicopters in flight simulators are still relatively rare today. All the more gratifying is every announcement or even publication. With the Cowan Sim Bell 222 for X-Plane 11, a very special helicopter is now approaching us. The developer Joshua Cowan first published preview screenshots of his model on January 17th, which can be viewed here at Google Photos.

As far as we know the add-on is supposed to appear as affordable payware. Since one can certainly get the impression that paid add-ons for the flight simulator are getting more and more expensive, this is definitely a small glimmer of hope. How affordable the Bell 222 from Cowan Simulations will actually become, however, the future will probably have to show. Joshua is also thinking about letting the helicopter take off in the upcoming Microsoft FS2020. But only when the time is right.

Bell 222 from the Airwolf series crashed in 1992

The Bell 222 was announced in the seventies and brought into serial production. The American helicopter manufacturer thus expanded its portfolio of light multi-role helicopters. Since the 1960s, however, it has been led by the Bell 206 JetRanger, which with 6,300 units built is probably the most commercially successful helicopter.

The Bell 222 became particularly well known in the 1980s through the TV series Airwolf, in which the helicopter was bred into a real secret weapon against evil through fictitious modifications. The helicopter used for the filming was then taken via detours to Germany to the HSD Air Rescue, where it flew under the D-HHSD intensive care transport helicopter. Finally, in 1992, it crashed on the return flight from a mission, killing all of its occupants.

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