TorqueSim and RealSimGear SR22 G3 GTS comes for X-Plane 11!

At the beginning of TorqueSim's history there was a unique piece, now the Pocket Rocket will be followed by a really popular GA aircraft. As announced today the developers are working together with RealSimGear on the implementation of a Cirrus SR22 G3 GTS. The focus is on a detailed implementation of the aircraft including a meticulously worked out model with 4k PBR textures. In addition, they promise an accurate flight model as well as an electrical system reproduced in every detail. The highlight will be a highly customized G1000 with its own data sheet for the engine as well as several other improvements.

For flight simulators with a correspondingly large budget, the aircraft will be especially adapted to the G1000 Perspective Package from RealSimGear, a hardware package at a price of almost 3,000 US dollars.

Details about the TorqueSim SR22 G3 GTS

The TorqueSim SR22 G3 GTS should include the following features. This can be found in the official announcement on their homepage.

  • G1000 Perspective customizations to the Laminar X1000
    • Synthetic Vision (using Saso Kiselkov’s Synthetic Vision, as implemented in HotStart’s TBM900 and TorqueSim’s Pocket Rocket)
    • Custom engine page and engine sidebar
    • Lean-assist functionality
    • Checklists
    • Top-bar customizations (% Power, Distance, etc)
    • Custom boot sequence including “Know Your Limits” and fuel adjustments
    • Designed to interface with RealSimGear’s G1000 hardware, especially their G1000 Perspective Package
  • Fully-custom electrical system
    • Dual-battery and dual-alternator simulated
    • All 11 electrical busses individually simulated
    • All 48 circuit breakers functional
  • High-fidelity flight model created by Austin Meyer of Laminar Research
  • Highly detailed 3D model
  • Full PBR 4K Texturing
  • Highly immersive custom captured FMOD
  • Persistant systems
  • Fully custom C++ plugin using the X-Plane SDK for maximum performance

Further features of the add-on will be announced in the near future. So it could be quite exciting.

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