The Aeroplane Heaven Concorde in a very early render

Aeroplane Heaven Concorde announced for Prepar3D v5 & v4!

With Mach 2 through Prepar3D v5 & v4 it should be possible to use Aeroplane Heaven in some time. The developers have announced a few days ago the development of a Concorde for these platforms. With it a gap is closed once again, because there is no implementation of the supersonic airliner yet. How detailed and realistic the implementation will be in the end remains to be seen. After all the Concorde is a very complex aircraft.

FSLabs Concorde for 64-bit platform rather unlikely

The news about the upcoming Aeroplane Heaven Concorde is especially interesting against the background that the FSLabs Concorde was taken out of sale some time ago. Also it was only available on 32-bit basis until now. An update of the add-on to make it compatible with the 64-bit platforms is currently paused, according to the developer. So it is very questionable if it will ever come. In general, the aircraft type is considered rather difficult to market among aircraft developers.

Therefore it is especially exciting that DC designs in this post on their Facebook page at the end of February that they are working on a Concorde for FSX as well as Prepar3D and even X-Plane 11. This would not only put them in direct competition with Aeroplane Heaven but even with Colimata on the X-Plane page.

So it remains exciting around this really very special aircraft. We will stay on it. The first renderings can be viewed here on Aeroplane Heaven's Facebook page.

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