For P3D v5 & v4: TFDi Design MD-11 announced!

Almost exactly three years ago, TFDi Design published its debut work with the replica of the Boeing 717. Now the effect might have finally flattened out and the next aircraft has been brought on its way. Already yesterday there were first hints of a MD-11, a few hours later the official confirmation has been published. And this news will rightly cause great joy among many in the community. Because the PMDG MD-11, which was released for FSX many years ago, has not only been taken off the market, it probably didn't work too well in Prepar3D either.

FSX with question marks: TFDi Design MD-11 for P3D v5 & v4

Accordingly, TFDi Design focuses very strongly on the current platforms. The add-on is being developed for Prepar3D v5 and P3D v4 and will initially only be compatible with these two simulators. A version for FSX will be available, if at all, later and as a separate variant. This way you want to be able to use all possibilities of modern flight simulators without having to cut down the aircraft for downward compatibility.

So it will be quite exciting. More information can be found in the TFDi blog post linked above.

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