VATSIM plans an auto-disconnect for XP11-Pilots with an insufficient Frame Rate

If the VATSIM network has its way, X-Plane 11 pilots will soon be automatically logged out of their online flight with a too low frame rate. In a corresponding blog article you can read that the developers responsible for the X-Plane 11 client have been instructed to implement such a function. However, they add that affected pilots should be able to reconnect to the network immediately after changing their rendering settings.

VATSIM-Ban for insufficient Frame Rate: The backgrounds

The reason for this approach is the structure of X-Plane 11. Here the flight model needs a frame rate of at least 20 frames per second to function properly. For this reason, there has been a corresponding function for quite some time, which slows down the simulation rate accordingly whenever the frame rate slips below this necessary mark. This is exactly the problem with online flights. Because here everything has to happen in real time for the system to work at all.

Disconnect shall remain without penalty

One is aware of the problems of this decision, one continues to write. However, data has been collected from both pilots and controllers for a year now. The resulting results would now make such a step inevitable. The whole Statement can be found here at VATSIM.

There will also be no penalty if the connection of a VATSIM pilot was automatically terminated due to a too low frame rate of his X-Plane 11 flight simulator. It would only be sufficient to briefly set the settings so far down until at least 20 frames are possible again without braking the simulation rate. Afterwards, the affected pilot can reconnect and continue his flight online.

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