Aerosoft Seychelles XP ready for the beta!

Under the title Seychelles4XPlane an extensive implementation of the Seychelles for X-Plane 11 is currently under construction, and a corresponding announcement of the scenery, which is to be published via Aerosoft, is just one month old. Now there are some good news since a few hours: According to the developers, the final internal tests were completed today and the scenery is to be sent to the beta testers shortly. This means that the final release should not be too long in coming either.

Aerosoft Seychelles XP also comes with some Helipads

In addition, Maps2XPlane refers to a corresponding keyword archive of the own website, in which further information about the product will appear in the near future. On December 6th, an article was published there, in which the included helipads can be seen. Accordingly, The Scenery Package should be very interesting especially for virtual helicopter pilots. Another article shows the landscape including terrain, vegetation and much more.

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