PWDT Zlin Z-142 released in v1.4

The PWDT Zlin-142 has been brought to v1.4!

Well... Okay, when you think of a Hungarian specialty, everyone thinks more of a pot of delicious goulash than a Zlin. And when you think of a Zlin, you think of Czechoslovakia rather than Hungary. All this only comes together when you build bridge into the Flight Simulation and bring PWDT into play. The Hungarian designer team has been developing for FSX for a long time, and successfully, too. With the conversion of their Yakolew Yak-18 they surprisingly dared the step to X-Plane 11 for the first time last year.

In February 2020 the next plane followed with the porting of the Zlin Z-142. This time even in cooperation with NHAdrian, who is known in the scene for his unofficial mod for the Carenado C152. With the v 1.4 this freeware aircraft is now available in a new version.

Size innovation might be without doubt the smoke system, which is included from now on. In addition, there are now clickspots on the outer model, which requires X-Plane 11.50. Furthermore another Livery was added.

The download of this freeware pearl and some impressive videos can be found here in the download database.

Background of the PWDT Zlin Z-142

The PWDT Zlin Z-142 was originally released for FSX in October 2014. But even before that, the development team had already become well known, for example with the release of a Let-410 15 years ago. In December 2019 Thomas Röhl released a variant of this add-on for Prepar3D v4.

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