The Thranda Design Pilatus PC-6 Porter in the Breitling Livery

Thranda Design releases Pilatus PC-6 Porter for XP11!

Last Wednesday, the Thranda Design PC-6 Porter for X-Plane 11 was released and is available for just under US $35 here in the Store. The product description promises a very detailed replica of an aircraft including high-resolution textures with PBR effects. In addition, the plane comes with realistic flight characteristics, the text continues. This should also allow extremely steep descents, for which the Pilatus PC-6 is famous and infamous.

Furthermore, according to Thranda Design, the aircraft comes with a fully configurable panel. This allows the user to move each instrument exactly where he or she wants it. The add-on also supports external navigation devices such as the RealityXP GTN750.

Thranda Design PC-6 Porter Update to v1.0.4

After the add-on was released in the middle of the week, the first update was published yesterday. With the version 1.0.4 some minor improvements were made. Most interesting for the user: The frame rates are said to have been improved with the update. You can read all details about this in the Version History Tab on the product page.

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