Our flat article image of the HoldMyBeer Cirrus SR22 for X-Plane 11

Freeware Tip: Cirrus SR22 Beta by HoldMyBeer released for XP11!

While a large part of the X-Plane community has been waiting eagerly for the TorqueSim SR22 since the beginning of the year (We reported), a few days ago a quasi finished add-on for this aircraft came along completely unexpectedly. More precisely, it's the HoldMyBeer Cirrus SR22, which is currently available in beta. The best thing about it: It is freeware and therefore does not cost a cent.

Surprisingly extensive freeware

Those who do not load the aircraft ready for take-off and enter the cockpit for the first time will be surprised. This is because the aircraft is equipped with a canopy cover, chocks and a few other covers. If you want to remove these to make the GA aircraft ready for take-off, you will immediately encounter the second surprise. It has a specially created tablet as EFB, which allows you to make all the settings. For example, there is also a Weight & Balance app, which can be used to directly manage the loading of the aircraft. There is also an app for managing maintenance and repairs.

HoldMyBeer Cirrus SR22 - Parked and with covered canopy This is how the HoldMyBeer Cirrus SR22 looks when it is parked: With wheel chocks, a canopy cover and more.

This brings us to the next point: The HoldMyBeer SR22 has also received a closure and damage simulation. Furthermore, one must also pay attention to the well-being of the pilot. He should start to freeze audibly when it gets too cold in the cabin. So: On cold days please do not forget the heater. There is also an icing simulation and, in rare cases, a bird strike every now and then. So you definitely praise the app about messages about flocks of birds nearby, which is also on the EFB tablet.

The cockpit of the HoldMyBeer Cirrus SR22 with the EFB Tablet The cockpit of the plane. On the right you can see the EFB tablet, which can also be used to manage the aircraft.

HoldMyBeer Cirrus SR22: An eye-candy

Apart from all these features, which are more under the hood, one thing must not be forgotten: The machine is also optically really super successful. The modeling of the machine and also the texture quality play on a pretty high level. The model already comes with nine paintings, and a paint kit is also included.

HoldMyBeer Cirrus SR22 over the german coast of the North Sea The SR22 over northern Germany.


What the developer(s) have delivered here is truly unparalleled. Here you get not only a really chic Cirrus SR22, but also a Cirrus that is lovingly recreated in the smallest details. And you don't even have to pay anything for it if you don't want to. A really great freeware pearl, which is absolutely recommendable. You can find the about 1.1 GB large download here on the HoldMyBeer Website.

If you want to show your appreciation for this add-on, you have the possibility to donate. However, developer Till Vennefrohne doesn't collect it for himself, but via this fundraising campaign at Betterplace.org for the children's hospice Bärenherz Leipzig e.V. One more reason to donate.

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