Best Freeware 2019 for Prepar3D v4

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Our listing Top 10 Freeware 2019 for Prepar3D v4 makes no claim to completeness and does not represent a ranking. If a recommendable add-on should have passed us by, we are always happy to receive relevant information via our contact form.

1. Ulrich Esser and Thomas Röhl – Let L-410

"From below" the model also already makes a very good impression Thomas Röhl is one of the few developers who publish high quality downloads for Prepar3D v4 as freeware with amazing regularity. Together with Ulrich Esser, Thomas has got the Let L-410 from PWDT for Prepar3D v4.4 up and running this year and also added some nice PBR textures. You can find the four packages in our Filebase.

LET-410 PBR Base Pack" class="button btn" > Download now

2. Fangzahn Aviation Studios – Zakynthos

Marcel Kade from Fangzahn Aviation Studios is a newcomer in the freeware sector, but he has delivered a real bang for the buck. In July, the developer released an excellent implementation of the Greek island airport Zakynthos. If you like to fly virtually to Southern Europe, you can find the package on the developer's website." class="button btn" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer "> Download Page

3. Free Scenery Designs – Toliara Airport

After Cédrice Rivé of Free Scenery Designs already published Nosy Be last year, Toliara Airport is now available in the form of another airport on the island state of Madagascar. At least on the preview pictures, the scenery, which has just been released in December, makes an even better impression than Nosy Be.

Toliara Airport by Free Scenery Designs" class="button btn" > Download now

4. FSSI Engineering – Sloped Runways

Al traffic and sloped runways? This combination didn't really go together in Prepar3D v4 - until FSSI Engineering released a suitable module as freeware this year. It doesn't work perfectly yet, but the add-on is a noticeable improvement. The beta version is available via the Avsim forum.…ng-sloped-runways-in-p3d/" class="button btn" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer "> Download via Avsim

5. Orbx – Campbell River Water Aerodrome

Actually Orbx is more known for payware sceneries. But every now and then the Australian software company also sells great freeware. This is also the case with the Campbell River Water Aerodrome by Larry Robinson. If you are a virtual bush pilot with a seaplane, you should not miss this download for Prepar3D v4." class="button btn" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer "> Download via Orbx Direct

6. Johan Peeters – Antwerp Airport

In fact, the replica of Antwerp Airport by Johan Peeters is a little older. This year, however, the developer uploaded his work to Avsim for the first time, because he no longer has the time or inclination to develop his project further." class="button btn" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer "> Download via Avsim

7. Onfinal Studio – Reus Airport

The Onfinal Studio has made a name for itself this year for straightforward freeware sceneries and has released, among other things, the Reus airport, which lies 90 kilometers southwest of Barcelona. There is actually only air traffic here in the summer months, when numerous budget airlines populate the airport." class="button btn" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer "> Download via

8. Restauravia – Nord 1101

The French development team Restauravia has been building great freeware planes for the Flight Simulator for a very long time. This year the Nord 1101 is a new addition. The small aircraft from the 1940s is available for free download on the Restauravia website.…tgomery-regional-airport/" class="button btn" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer "> Download via Restauravia

9. Alpha India Group (AIG) – AI Manager

Without a paid AI traffic solution, you usually had to find the individual aircraft models, paintwork and flight plans yourself. The Alpha India Group (AIG) now has a remedy with its own AI Manager. It automatically collects the required data from various databases with just one click and thus carries out the installation fully automatically." class="button btn" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer "> Download via AIG

10. MatthiasKNU – Project Africa

The grand finale of our listing makes a real mega project. The developer MatthiasKNU has implemented large parts of Africa as photo scenery. Although the resolution of the aerial photos is rather low at two meters per pixel, the result should still look much better than the standard scenery." class="button btn" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer "> Download via the FSX-Forum

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