Nemeth Designs Kamov KA-32A released!

Today the Kamov KA-32A is the next helicopter add-on from Nemeth Designs. The replica of the Russian transport helicopter with coaxial rotor is compatible with Prepar3D as well as FSX and FSX:SE. Under Prepar3D v4.5 the helicopter even has textures with PBR effects. Furthermore, the product description promises a highly detailed model with 4k textures, an exact replica of the systems and equipment as well as a sling load system included. It is even possible to transport external loads with this add-on.

The Kamov KA-32 is definitely a special helicopter. Not only its double counter-rotating main rotor is characteristic for this helicopter. Also the landing gear, which reminds more of a shopping cart than a helicopter, makes it optically unique. In addition, its coaxial main rotor is particularly suitable for transporting heavy external loads, which is why it is also used by the western Heliswiss, among others.

The Nemeth Designs Kamov KA-32A for Prepar3D and FSX is available for US $35 directly from the developer shop.

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