Now for P3D v4 and with PBR: The PWDT LET 410 celebrates a revival!

Today the next project of Thomas Roehl has appeared completely surprising. This is the PWDT Let 410 for Prepar3D v4.4. Ulrich Esser and Ed Wells compiled it natively for FSX. Now they are available for the newest versions of P3D. Thomas lists PBR materials for indoor and outdoor models as well as a new grey cockpit with rudimentary avionics. In addition there are two completely new airplanes with the current Let 410NG and the UVP Skydiver version of the Turboprops.

The exterior model of the Just Flight A300 already looks very detailed.

In total, there are eleven different versions of the Czech turboplane, all of which come with 32 different paint finishes. All this is divided into four different packages, all of which are available here in the Flusiboard Filebase. As always this is freeware.

So a big thank you to Thomas Roehl and all those involved who, after hours of work in their spare time, now provide us with a new, certainly very worthwhile, freeware. To get to the respective downloads just click on the file maps below. (With a click on the corresponding button all file maps are shown).

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